SO WHAT IS THE SITE ALL ABOUT? will serve the area with the opportunity to build high quality profiles interactive with all social media, videos, and many other features. We have an app for android and IOS in progress that is being tested to ensure functionality and will make it easy to browse all the site has such as listings, articles, classifieds, events and more. The site is the first phase of providing a hub for all to find what they are searching for. If you are interested in getting involved you can inquire through the site and we will get in touch as soon as possible. WHY USE AROUNDTHESHOALS.COM? With the increasing demands of search engine optimization, we will scale down the need to search so multiple sites. Trying to reach the right customers without paying hundreds and sometimes thousands per year just to have an opportunity to be seen. Think of as your local cabinet that contains everything you need in one place with the power of a search engine made to thread to your needs. HOW DO I ADVERTISE ON THE SITE? The site is equipped to allow customers to create an account and simply add all the information that they choose for their business. This will of course have to be approved by our admins and meet all the terms and conditions. Simply visit the “advertise” module at the top of the page. HOW CAN YOU HELP ME? I HAVE A WEBSITE Every customer does not have a website and this makes our service a great feature so they do not have to pay hosting, management and keeping up with the latest themes. For those who already maintain a large site, we can collaborate by listing your business, deals, events etc. that would not be seen unless someone specifically visited your site. WHATS NEXT? Google map integration We plan to integrate google maps for you to easily find the location of interest in our app that is in progress and the mobile friendly version of the site. All of this is ready, however, first categories and all locations must be verified to be built to support this. Geo targeted banner ads Currently, there is not a large demand for this, however, with the growth of the business and as we grow with the area, the preparation and work has already been done to launch this feature. Geo targeted banners will ensure customers who are near you will see your banner and minimize the noise of flooding the site with too much information. When it’s time, we will add this feature. Importing capabilities for classifieds If you already have a great site with hundreds of ads we can work together to automatically transfer the information to Once this is set up, your site management will almost simultaneously be exposed to ours. This is a feature that will eliminate the need for duplicate listings.


205 Union
Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35661
United States

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