Zac Hacker: From Nashville Star to Lauderdale Inmate

Zac Hacker made national news when he competed on Nashville Star in 2007, but his last Facebook post was in May 2017 when he advertised a gig at the Rattlesnake Saloon. Now he's been arrested in Lauderdale County.

The country/rock/soul performer was arrested on August 31st and charged with one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor, and two counts of Receiving Stolen Property, Class B felonies. In 2017, Zachery Curtis Hacker was arrested in Lawrence County, Alabama, on drug possession charges. Hacker, 35, posted bail in Lauderdale and was released. 


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Kaa is a bitch know the whole story B4 ya speak

July 2020

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Bloomington, IL

You get ratings from shady negative headlines. Hard pass.

September 2018

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LaShawn Tuttle
The person behind the pen is sword

1st of all I would love to find the dirt on the man behind the pen.It amazes me how quick people are to judge orhers.Adult bullies! I know Zac very well.He is one of the most compassionate, smart,talented men I know.He has talents beyond his music he can build anything with his hands,everything & everyone he touches is better because of him.He is truly chosen & blessed by God. Receiving stolen property? What a stupid charge 1st of all.Do you even know the story behind it? I did not think so, he was helping someone he hardly kbew move, they GAVE him a item for his time! Drugs? He pulled up at a guys house that he was hiring to do a service for him! I see him everyday , so "the waste of talent" you people speak of is still there Like I said God Blessex him, the talent , the man, the friend, is not going anywhere! Zac is crushed by the circumstances not because of the accusations, but because he is his own worse enemy.How about boosting him up, tell him about the time you were accused of doing or saying something. I PROMISE YOU He would do it and be there for you!!For the person behind the pen/sword try investgating your stories a little before you copy and paste! I know you are doing your job, but hey you can hire me I could be your Paul Harvey & bring you "The rest of the story" GOOD DAY

September 2018

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11 Sep 2018

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