Where is Zach Gunnells?

If Zachary Burton Gunnells is alive today, he's 26 years old. According to his online bio, he is the divorced father of two young sons. Since his disappearance, his ex-wife has formed a new relationship and is the mother of a third child. Still Gunnells has not presented himself. Is he still out there?

By September 2018, Gunnells already had a minor criminal record that dated back to his early teens. That month he stole a large truck from the cemetery where he had been working. The truck was later found, but Zach has not been seen since. 

Gunnells is currently wanted in Winston County:

Zach Gunnells

He is not listed on any official missing persons report currently posted online. Is he truly missing, or do some family members know where Gunnells is? Many are concerned that Zach met with serious trouble in September 2018. If you have any information about this young Haleyville man, contact law enforcement.

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06 May 2020

By Staff