Where Is Jessica Hamby?

Jessica Leeann Hamby went missing exactly five months ago today. The 24 year-old Winston County woman has a mother, father, and three children who desperately want to know where she is. There's reportedly at least one person out there who can answer that question, but he isn't talking.

In a case eerily similar to the Amanda Taylor disappearance, police are publicly saying little. Agencies from both Winston County, where Hamby left Lakeland Hospital on January 2nd, and Hackleburg in Marion County, where the young mother was reportedly driven by a female friend, have worked for months in order to glean what information they can. 

If the authorities know who Jessica's female friend is, they have not revealed it. Police have issued some warrants in Marion County, and family announced on social media approximately two months ago that a breakthrough was at hand. Still nothing developed in the case.

In the next few days, we're going to be presenting some facts in Jessica's disappearance that may not be common knowledge. The more information the public has, the more likely Jessica is to be found. If you have any knowledge of Jessica's disappearance or current whereabouts, call the Winston County Sheriff's office at 205-489-2115.

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02 Jun 2018

By Staff