Where is Jessica Hamby - Part II

Jessica Leeann Hamby remains missing, and her last officially stated whereabouts was in Haleyville leaving a rehab facility on January 2nd. Is there an unofficial siting of Jessica at another location? Indeed there is.


Edwards Truss is a well known business in the Hamilton/Hackleburg area of Marion County. With a little money and a lot of determination, Guin native Raymond R. Edwards founded his construction company several years ago. Since the tornadic destruction of 2011, his business has boomed. The 64 year old Edwards is known as someone who has given back to the ravaged community and is generally well thought of.

Raymond Edwards' home is adjacent to his business on Elgin Cochran Road located on a Hamilton postal route. The homes of other family members are also nearby, with trailers occupied by employees dotting the compound. Individuals come and go from the multi-family area, working odd hours and making it difficult for anyone to remember who was where at what time. This is what Hackleburg police have encountered in their investigation of Jessica's disappearance, but why here?


The unnamed companion who accompanied Jessica from Lakeland Hospital told authorities that she drove her to the Edwards Truss location on January 2nd. Hackleburg police spoke with members of the Edwards family and later issued warrants to search the premises, finding Jessica's phone.

Witnesses stated that Jessica had spent at least part of the night at the home of Raymond Edwards, as had at least six members of the Edwards extended family. Some of the witnesses informed police that Jessica had left the Edwards home on the morning of January 3rd and had not since been seen in the area.

Jessica's family then announced that at least one person wanted to make a statement concerning her whereabouts; there was to be a breakthrough in the case. Yet no such statement was forthcoming. Officials are still in the dark about what happened to Jessica after the early morning hours of January 3rd.

The case reverberates that of Amanda Taylor who disappeared a few years ago in Muscle Shoals. Let's hope there is a happier ending for Jessica Leeann Hamby. 

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18 Jun 2018

By Staff