What Would Our Founding Fathers Be Thinking of Our Congressional Leaders About Now

We the citizens of this wonderful nation have forgotten what our founding fathers had to endure to give us this wonderful way of life, like no other in the world. During that period there were 56 ordinary men who saw what it was like to be dictated to by a British Monarch that could not relate to their way of life.  They had no say or representation at all in how they were going to be governed or taxed.

Most Americans do not know the names of these men who gave you the life you are now living.  24 were Lawyers and Jurists, 11 were successful Merchants, nine Plantation Owners and successful. Others owned ships and various other businesses.  

When the Declaration of Independence was signed not all the men were there at one time.  There were seveal reasons for this, but one of the main reasons was they did not want to get captured all together by the British.

Because of the high risk of getting caught, the signing took several days. A few at a time would come in sign and leave, making a point not to draw attention to themselves or the others as the process continued. 

When these men were signing the document there was no celebration as each knew they were sealing themselves and their family to a living hell.  They recognized once the word reached the British they would become hunted men. They were giving up their freedom of movement, everything they had worked for, and if caught would be treated as traitors and hanged. 

These men did not recieve any compensation for their signature. The only thing they recieved was recognition by history of how they set forth a nation, that has become the best on this planet. What they received was five captured and tortured to death, 12 had their homes burned to the ground, their businesses destroyed and eveything they had looted and taken away. Two had their sons killed in the eight years of the struggle, Two sons were captured and because their fathers had signed the declaration they were hanged. Nine who signed the declaration died in battle, many hid in the forest and caves for eight years, some had their wives and children die while they were in hiding, one had 13 children vanished never to be seen again...he died of a broken heart, many died in poverty and rags, even their family members were jailed and died by British hands. 

I wonder what they would say today to the Leaders of our Nation when they found out that our leaders have run our national debt up so high, that our potential enemies now own a lot of the debt and in some ways financially control us.

I wonder what they would say when they learned the leaders of today still participate in a system where the leaders before them turned our finanical institution over to a private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve.

I wonder what they would say when they found out that Federal Reserve could print money out of vapor simply by pressing a computer keyboard. Then charge our government interest for something that did exist until the Federal Reserve created it.

I wonder what they would say when they learned our leaders of today have loaded themselves up with benefits and retirement packages that are not available to the people of this nation.

I wonder what they would say about how many became millionaires off salaries that in 30 years would never add up to the worth they had accumulated.

I wonder what they would say when they learned they created a system of welfare that was supposed to be temporary support, into a political form of economic slavery that could be utilized to entrap these citizens and tether them to these very politicians who said they were there to help them.  

I wonder what they would say when they learned a large portion of our leaders were fighting to keep our borders from being secure and we have already allowed over 25 million Illegal Immigrants to enter into our country.  

I wonder what they would say when they were told since they framed our constitution that we have taken war to other nations over 80% of the years we have been in existence. 

I wonder if our founding fathers would take our leaders of today to the closest tree and hang them or shake their hand and say, "A job well done !"

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Carl Overton


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20 Jan 2019

By Carl