What Arrestees Tell Us

PNS publishes a great deal of arrest information; therefore, we hear from many who have been charged with various crimes. It’s always our policy to remove any arrest from our pages if the person is found not guilty or is no billed by a grand jury. Nevertheless, we hear the oddest things:

  1. You can’t publish my arrest. It’s not public record unless I’m convicted. – We told the person arrested for sexual assault that he should go back to law school.

  2.  Can’t you use a better/newer photo of me? – Sure. Send it to us and we’ll use it for your next arrest.

  3.  I’ve talked to a lawyer and he’s going to sue your (&_*^_) off. – These type messages usually arrive about 30 minutes after an article appears, sometimes on a Saturday afternoon. Somehow we doubt the veracity of these statements.

  4.  Yeah, you (*%&$&, nobody believes you. Besides you copied from (insert name of local printed rag). – It’s always so much fun to point out that we had the story up two to five days before anyone else.

  5. You got the wrong person; it was the guy with the same name. – You mean there are two Jeremiah Carbunkle Forbishers, aged 66, who live in Frog Pond?

  6.  Hey, look, I know she was hooking. I know she had her five year old son in the backseat. Yeah, I know she’s on drugs real bad and needs help, but she’s my sister, man. So can you take it down? – In this case, the other editor actually did.

  7.  Yeah, she accused me of beating her and the two kids up, but she changed her story after they got out of the hospital. – That one? There just aren’t words.


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don't do the crime

I guess if they don't want their face all over the place as criminals then they should not do criminal behavior. Great article

July 2018

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17 Jul 2018

By Firenze