Vulcan Materials: The Face of Money is Often Ugly

Are you familiar with Vulcan Materials? The producer of construction materials has such a large presence in Colbert County that we often see it referred to as local. In reality, Vulcan is located in Birmingham, but with two Tuscumbia locations and one in Cherokee, the super-industry has a heavy presence in our area.

Over the years we've also heard many say the area would be better off without the ugly landscape that the company often presents. It's a brutal fact that unless one works in entertainment or fashion, big business is often ugly to look at. If we banned all ugliness from local business, how many tax-paying entities would be left?

Why is Vulcan in the news now? A recent report has named its CEO J. Thomas Hill the highest paid executive in the state. In 2018, Hill pulled in 7.8 million dollars - that's a lot of gravel.

Similarly, Vulcan infuses tax dollars into the state at an astronomical rate. The company built largely on excavating materials also pays a special land use tax since its properties are deemed to be diminished by the material removal. In short, if Vulcan left Colbert County today, it would have an effect similar to IPC closing its Courtland operations in Lawrence.

In a Dollar General world, Vulcan Materials stands out as a Nordstrom. For those who want the company to vacate the area, be careful what you wish for.

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25 May 2019

By Staff