UNA Grad Acquitted on Sex Charge

Taylor E. Brooks was a young UNA graduate when she married in May 2015. By February 2017, Brooks-Broyles was teaching at Moulton Middle School and had filed for divorce from her then 31 year old husband. She stated the love had gone out of her marriage. The divorce was finalized in May 2017.

The divorce coincided with her arrest for having sex with a student under the age of 19. Brooks-Boyles admitted having what she called "deviant sex" with the then 18 year old stand out basketball player at Lawrence County High School. Like Bill Clinton, she stated this was not coitus and not illegal.

Even though her victim testifed that the two did engage in what was undeniably sex, a jury apparently agreed with the now former middle school teacher and found her not guilty of the charges earlier today after only 52 minutes of deliberation. According to publc records, Brooks-Boyles continues to live in Moulton; however, she no longer teaches.

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13 Feb 2020

By Staff