They're Elk, not the Predator!

First, two famous quotes on sports:

1. Swimming isn't a sport; swimming is something you do to keep from drowning. - Woody Allen

2. Hunting is only a sport if the deer have guns and shoot back. - Unknown

There's nothing wrong with hunting for food. There's nothing wrong with hunting those wild boar that tear up your fields and your child's softball arena. If the Predator should come calling, there's nothing wrong with using every trick in the book to hunt down and destroy him.

Is there something wrong with hunting simply because you want to kill a living being? If you find that question difficult to answer, you obviously don't appreciate nature.

The State of Tennessee has just issued a news release that should have many shaking their heads. Elk were reintroduced in the state in 2000, and now the population has grown to the extent that a few lottery winners may hunt for one week in the fall.

Seven winners may hunt first with bow and arrow. So far this scenario seems kosher. Wait, it begins to veer into the surreal from there.

The Tennessee State wildlife department has issued a photo of one of the hunters. He has a guide to take him to the best place to hunt. This guide tells him what kind of arrow to use. The guide then tells him how to aim and when to shoot. If the hapless "hunter" does manage to bring down an elk, just how much was his own acumen? Only the choice of the guide he employed.

Yes, if he should manage to kill an elk, he'll be bragging for decades. How often will his story mention how very little he actually had to do with the kill?

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07 Feb 2020

By Firenze