WARNING! Citizens of Florence and Lauderdale County stop what you are doing and start paying attention before it is too late. There is a serious attempt to take over your Florence City Hall by a Marxist group called Project Say Something.  Allow me to bring you up to date on the PSS group.

Katie Owens Murphy - Professor

University of North Alabama

Appears to be Headquarters and Base Camp



Camile Bennett and Members

PSS Board Members

Some Florence City Councilpersons

Marxist Group supported Florence Mayoral Candidate Andy Betterton

At one time, the PSS group was led by Camille Bennett, a local citizen who runs a business that looks like it is supported by the Trump administration.  At the time Camille started the PSS group, the initial goal was probably designed to bring to the light local issues that she and her members felt were an injustice and rightly so.

Since 2014, she has been the lead pony in the pasture and got the recognition as leader, until “THEY” arrived. I know you are asking yourself, who are they?

One of those “they”, is identified as Katie Owens Murphy. Katie was hired by the University of North Alabama as an English professor. Judging by some of her texts and conversations she brought way more to Florence than being just an being an English professor.

Some PSS members have stated to this writer, that over time they have come to listen to and are being directed more by Katie Owens Murphy.

You ever wonder how someone infiltrates a group or organization? This method has been used by many governments and organizations over the years including our own.

The secret of infiltration is it must be low key. When the first infiltration contact is made you convince them you want to help. You believe in everything they are trying to do. You weave yourself into the group in a low-toned way. Over time you win the confidence of the existing leaders and members.

As time goes on, the members gradually start to listen to the infiltrators more than they do the existing leader, which in this case is Camille Bennett.

The trick is to allow Camille Bennett to continue to receive the glory of leader without feeling the pull of the puppeteer strings. If confronted, they have been trained to deny what they are doing and to say the enemy is only throwing suspicion to create problems.

Fast forward to today. The political climate is tense with groups like PSS, BLM and Antifa in the news. The local direction of Camile Bennett was not as exciting as what was being proposed and the members, especially the gullible university students, could be persuaded easily.  

Yep! Never in your wildest thoughts would you have believed the University of North Alabama would possibly become the headquarters and base camp for Marxist doctrine.

The PSS Group has been attacking the Florence merchants' businesses to put pressure on the present mayor Steve Holt to give in to their demands.

Florence Mayor Steve Holt unlike mayoral candidate Andy Betterton said No! to any special promises or commitments to PSS or any other group. The mayor feels he is the mayor for all citizens, not just for political groups or associations that benefit only him.  

Mayor Holt needs your help to prevent the liberal take over of Florence City Hall. Please share this information with your family and associates. It is important they are aware just how important it is for them to vote, to prevent a liberal, Marxist leadership from taking over your city.  



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Kimberly Sheppard

This needs to be stopped.

September 2020

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Great article!!!

Great article! These people need to be stopped!!!

September 2020

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Florence, AL
Someone hit the nail on the head!

All my intel from inside sources suspect the same schenanigans from The Infiltrators. How did her Husband get the position he has? Makes you wonder...

September 2020

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18 Reviews

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16 Sep 2020

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