Strange Days on Local Lakes?

Four days ago, a massive fish kill was reported on Wheeler Lake between Wheeler Dam and Tennessee. Those who posted photos on Facebook estimated the number of dead fish to be around 20K; however, local wildlife agents numbered the dead at around 5K and stated that the kill was natural and did not involve any contaminants.

Now a second tale of odd goings-on is making the rounds. Facebook users have posted a video of a strange disturbance on Pickwick Lake (the area between Wilson and Pickwick Dams). Such eruptions in the water are extremely rare and can be caused by a sinkhole in the river bed, an exploding pocket of methane gas, or other natural phenomina.

So far, wildlife agents have not commented officially on the "underwater tornado." PNS will update this article if an official explanation is offered by Alabama wildlife personnel.

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12 Jun 2018

By Staff