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Adjusting to our new reality has been a challenge. Despite the dramatic changes happening in our world, your Democratic Party has been hard at work, fighting to create a better Alabama. 

Senator Doug Jones and our Democratic leaders in the Alabama Legislature are renewing calls to expand Medicaid. The escalating spread of Coronavirus threatens to overwhelm our state health care systems and stymie our economy. We need to use the capital made available through Medicaid expansion to keep our hospitals open and offer hundreds of thousands of hard-working Alabamians low-cost health coverage.     

Unfortunately, here in the cradle of the voter's rights movement, there are still obstructionists who want to block common-sense election reform. The Alabama Democratic Party is answering the call to action by advocating for:

✅No-excuse absentee voting, including vote by mail.
✅Two weeks' in-person early voting in each county.
✅Bipartisan task force on civic resilience.

I cannot overstate how proud I am of our Democratic mayors. While other elected officials dragged their feet responding to the Coronavirus pandemic, our Democratic mayors Walt Maddox (Tuscaloosa) Timothy Ragland (Talladega), Stephen Reed (Montgomery), and Randall Woodfin (Birmingham) each took proactive measures to protect their constituents. That is true leadership. 

Not only are Democrats helping Alabamians stay safe, but we are also helping faith-based organizations keep their parishioners informed. The Alabama House Democratic Caucus hosted a free webinar last Friday, providing a platform for faith-based organizations to connect with resources and subject matter expert panelists. Alabama House and Senate Democrats will host another webinar via Zoom this Thursday: Spread Facts, Not Fear: A Scientific Look at COVID-19.


As many of you already know, we have a wonderful slate of Democrats running for office this election cycle, including three Congressional House of Representative candidates and a candidate for Alabama's Public Service President 


Phyllis Harvey-Hall is our Democratic nominee for Alabama's Second Congressional District. She is a lifelong educator, recently retiring from Mongomery City Schools. Not only is she an advocate for improved public schools, but she is also a champion of rural workforce development. Support her campaign in whatever way you can.



Dr. Adia Winfrey is our Democratic nominee for Alabama's 3rd Congressional District. She is a clinical psychologist, a Talladega native, and a relentless advocate for mental and emotional health. Do what you can to lend her a hand in support. 



Rick Neighbors is our Democratic nominee for Alabama's 4th Congressional District. He is a Vietnam War veteran and 35-year apparel industry professional. He is passionate about education reform, believing "education is the cornerstone of the American Dream." Follow this link to learn more about Rick and what you can to support his candidacy.



Laura Casey is our Democratic nominee for Alabama Public Service Commission President. She is a former actuary and attorney who is hoping to bring much-needed oversight to the energy sector. Laura is committed to protecting Alabamians from being overcharged for their utilities and protecting Alabama's natural resources. Connect with her campaign and help her win this November.

Although the runoff elections have been postponed until July 14th, you can still apply for an absentee ballot and vote now. Follow this link to fill out the absentee ballot application. Be sure to check the box indicating on the application that you want a Democratic Party Runoff ballot. Also, check the box which indicates "I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls." 

On your Democratic Party runoff ballots you'll find the following primary elections. Alabama Congressional District 1: James Averhart vs. Kiani A. Gardner.  Alabama State School Board, District 5: Fred Bell vs. Tonya Smith Chestnut. There are also county-level runoffs. Contact your local probate judge's office to find out what other Democratic runoffs will be on your ballot.

Don't vote alone! Make sure your friends and relatives are aware of absentee voting and help them fill out their application as well. Every vote matters.

I am inspired by your hard work and dedication, especially during this unprecedented time. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Please continue following the health guidelines set forth by our medical professionals and health officials.  Let's do our best to stay healthy so we can continue fighting to improve the overall health of our state.   

Best Wishes,

Chris England

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22 May 2020

By Press Release