Sinister Sexual Predator Derek Logue Attacks Andrew Sorrell & Ed Bowman

As a child I was living near Tupelo, Mississippi when my first cousin was kidnapped and raped. She was eventually rescued by the Mississippi State Police, but not before she was emotionally scarred for life. I will always believe this childhood trauma caused the early end of her precious life.

In 2013, Alabama state legislators were attempting to overhaul the sex offender classification system in our state. I considered this a good thing and commented on about approving the new laws. That's when I first became aware of Derek Warren Logue.

Logue was convicted in Franklin County of a first degree sex crime involving an 11 year-old girl. Since leaving prison, he's become what he calls an advocate for sex offenders. He's also currently under indictment for first degree theft in Florida and has been on the receiving end of several defamation law suits.

When my comment was published in, Logue began to harass me and accuse me of being in cahoots with what he calls area "trolls." He seems to think that anyone who opposes his idea of sexual freedom is a troll and a vigilante.

Now he's come after Rep. Andrew Sorrell of Muscle Shoals and Colbert County political activist Edward Bowman, another person he's calling a troll. In a letter to the Times Daily, Logue calls Rep. Sorrell incompetent and states that he sould be "deposed." Derek doesn't have the best vocabulary.

Comments on the letter include a positive one from Logue's live-in girlfriend Vicki Henry who acts as his de facto second in command. In a personal post on his website, Logue is calling for citizens of Colbert County to oppose any commission support for a bill that would legalize oversight of sex offender halfway houses in that county. He calls activist Ed Bowman a troll for his stand against the influx of sexual predators. According to Logue the Shoals area is "isolated" and local citizens are thugs with pitchforks.

I doubt that anyone takes Derek Warren Logue seriously, but if you oppose him, be prepared to receive threats of legal action. No, Logue can't follow through. He now lives in a backwater rural community in Nebraska where the state police keep a very keen eye on him. He relies on his social security disability and any handouts from girlfriend Vicki Henry for his daily bread. 

Isn't it time to put an end to Logue's immoral campaigns and threats?


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Omaha, Nebraska
great article, not surprised pedos troll it

I'm not surprised a ton of sick fuck pedophiles are angry. They all need to be fed into a woodchipper feet first.

May 2020

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Killen Kate
Killen, AL
The Biggest Loser - Derek Logue

Derek Warren Logue, child molester and convicted sexual predator, didn't like what I wrote. Does that worry me? It looks like Loser Logue doesn't even know a blog from a news site, so no. I need to add that Logue is also n accused thief. In a few months, he may be a convicted thief. He just keeps adding to his resume' as he begs everyone for money.

March 2020

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Mr. Punch
Derek Logue is a sick predator

Derek Logue is a sick, violent, failure at life. He raped an 11 year old girl. He deserves to be civilly committed for the rest of his miserable life. What a disgusting, filthy, pig.

July 2020

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7 Reviews

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16 Mar 2020

By Killen Kate