She Was Too "Ugly" to be Raped?

There are many theories on rape and its underlying causes. Most psychologists list power as the rapist's most powerful underlying motive. Nevertheless, younger and and more attractive women are often victims. Is that usually a given?

There was a 30-something rapist in Huntsville in the 1970s who raped several women in their 50s and 60s. We'll hazard a guess that he hated his mother. This writer once knew someone who had an aunt in her 90s who was beaten and raped; the woman later died in rehab.

No, rape isn't always about youth or beauty, but apparently some people still think so. A case in Italy has just come to light where an appeals court in Ancona overturned the guilty convictions of two Peruvian men in 2017. The judges stated the alleged victim was too ugly and masculine for the accused attackers to have wanted to rape her.

Now a second trial has been ordered for the two alleged rapists. And the victim will again be forced to relive her ordeal...this time knowing she's been publicly called "ugly." Aren't humans special?

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14 Mar 2019

By Staff