ROGERSVILLE ALABAMA POLICE and Lauderdale County Ala Deputies Refuse To Help Dog

The Pen-N-Sword just recieved a call from a  Lauderdale County citizen about a dog in a metal container open to the elements. According to the caller, the City of Rogersville Police Chief thinks that a dog at 6:45 pm tonight that is presently located in the backyard of a house at 1020 Rose Street, Rogersville, Alabama, inside a metal cage with no sides, a piece of wood put on top, and only a tarp around it to protect the dog from the cold freezing elements is none of his business.

Police Chief Terry Holden (pictured) says animal welfare is not what they do. I guess it means when it comes to protecting a dog from negligence of an owner it's not one of the laws he wants to enforce. The State of Alabama Law is very explicite on cruelty and negligence related to an animal.

He thinks the Lauderdale County Animal Service should be handling this even when it is in his jurisdiction and he has the power to charge the owner and take in the animal tonight from the cold.

Got news for ya, Chief, if you need the Lauderdale County Deputies to show you how to do your job, then you are in the wrong position in that department.

This same Police Department if given a call in the summer of a animal trapped in a hot car would rush there break into the car and rescue the animal. Then charge the owner. Yet! he and his officers drive by that location (Only 3 blocks from the station) while a dog is presently freezing as you read this article.

Now! I ask you the reader what is the difference? In both situations the dog is in danger of death. One by sufficating and the other by slowly freezing to death.

Yep! what you are reading now is on going as I write this. This small dog needs your help tonight. 

Here is the Sad, disheartening part regarding the rest of this story. The Lauderdale Florence Animal Service was first notified of this dog being in the freezing cold without any adequate shelter last Sunday. Yep! that is right, the Lauderdale County Deputies who are assigned to work with the Lauderdale County and Florence Animal Services, has allow this dog to suffer in the cold Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday night. 

Supposely, the excuse from the Lauderdale County Deputies was they can't find anyone at home everytime they go there and don't know who lives there. 

You would think that a Deputy would know to ask 911 who lives there. Then, you would think if they can't find anyone at home several times,  just maybe this dog has been abandoned and has not been fed or watered for days. 

If this is the best quality of work these Lauderdale County Deputies can do, then they are a waste of a Deputy Badge. You the Lauderdale County citizen need to call Sheriff Rick Singleton and the Rogersville Chief of Police and asked them is this the best you as a citizen can expect from their departments when it comes to protecting and enforcing animal negligence and cruelty laws in their City and  Lauderdale County. 

I believe if I was a Citizen of Rogersville, I would be calling the Mayor in the morning and asking him why his Police Department is not enforcing animal cruelty and neglience laws in their jurisdiction, and stop depending on a Sheriff's Department that apparently is not going to do anything either. 

I am asking you to call Lauderdale 911 now...pick up the phone and tell them you want something done tonight about that dog sitting in a metal cage, that no one in their right mind would recognize this as  adequate shelter and protection from the elements.

The Sheriff and the Rogersville Police Chief need to be embarassed at how their departments have handled this situation.  


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Sandra S Nathan-Moody
Gulf Shores
Rogersville, AL

Unforgivable, and ALL too typical of law enforcement's concern for dogs or cats in danger in Alabama.

November 2019

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Koi Inu
Washington DC
Time to take your job seriously

This is unbelievable and should outrage every local citizen, the mayor, and city council.

November 2019

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Lanna Whitehead
Tuscumbia, Ala

Anyone in public office that doesn’t have compassion for any living person or animal does not need to be in office. Also anyone putting the blame on another agency for not doing what is in their power to do because they’re lazy does not need to be in office. The people need and want someone in office that has their best interests as a priority every day.

November 2019

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7 Reviews

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15 Nov 2019

By Trader