Replace Our National Anthem? - Part I

The past few weeks have brought cries for tossing our current national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. Many have reacted to this idea as if this work rests on a sacred peak only slightly lower than the Holy Bible, but how many really know all the facets of the song?

Aside from the fact that the author of the words, Francis Scott Key, was both a slaveholder and a racist, here's some more food for logical thinking minds:

1. The composer of the music to the anthem was John Stafford Smith (pictured), an Englishman who has no connection to our country. He composed the music as a drinking song - not exactly a heroic genesis for our anthem, is it?

2. The song itself didn't become the nation's anthem until 1931. To put that year in perspective, 1931 was the year the first casino opened in Las Vegas.

3. Most citizens don't know all the words to the anthem, and those who do are usually unable to hit all the song's high notes. 

Tomorrow: And if our national anthem is replaced?

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14 Jul 2020

By Firenze