Repeaters: Robin Eric Rosenblum

Robin Eric Rosenblum of Lauderdale County was supposed to be serving a three year prison sentence from Colbert County, a sentence with CIT that actually amounted to only around one year. Apparently his state sentence was shortened even more than that.

Rosenblum likes to work in the Athens area; by work, we mean commit illegal acts. The 35 year old convicted felon was arrested twice in Limestone County during the time frame that should have covered his incarceration on two counts of burglary. The last arrest was in November of last year when CCTV caught Rosenblum in the act of appropriating almost 7K in lawn equipment from Athens State University. Part of his haul was found in Muscle Shoals and the remainder located in Florence.

Now Rosenblum has been indicted on the ASU charges and returned to jail without bail. Perhaps this time the state will keep him.

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14 Mar 2019

By Staff