Remembering Mike Goens

When Mike Goens left the TimesDaily on a medical leave, many believed he would soon return. It was not meant to be. Mike was a jewel in a terrain of coal ash. He wrote well and somehow managed to offend less than most.

Mike's hobby horse was combatting those who consistently drove in the left lane. He constantly reminded readers that this lane was for passing. He made a believer out of many, including this writer. He also referred, when appropriate, to Don Michael, the Congressional Medal of Honor winner who was his brother-in-law. Mike was nothing if not local. 

Mike passed away this morning at a Birmingham hospital. Let's all remember the Mike Goens family at this time. Let's also remember Mike when we see those left lane drivers holding up traffic. It's how we're sure Mike would have wanted it.

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05 Jun 2018

By Staff