Remember the Witts Pressing Charges in Colbert County?

Several months ago, Resa and Terry Witt filed a harassment claim against a Colbert County Sheriff's deputy. They also filed charges of some ilk with the Colbert commission over an animal control officer. Now this couple is stating two Florence police officers attacked Terry Witt:

I guess soon a lot of citizens will be hearing about two cops assaulting my husband who had just gotten out of surgery and had not eaten since 9p.m. the night before. Some cop comes up to our car when we were trying to eat peacefully after a day at the surgery center. My husband who could not use one arm as it was totally numb and he wasn't fully recovered from anesthesia, first was blocked from getting out to use the bathroom by another Florence cop; he told my husband to "hold it." When Terry did finally come around the front of our vehicle, the nurse and doctor had warned of him falling due to the feeling of a ghost arm and the anesthesia. These cops were Florence City Cops, and this happened at this Five Guys and Fries in Florence, AL. When Terry came around the front of the car, he did fall and the two cops jumped on him with their elbows buried in the back of his severely injured neck which is why he had the surgery on 8/24/18 when this event happened that I could not believe could happen in America. My husband's arm was being skinned up and slung around, the cops were on top of him, he said he couldn't breathe, I think he even had a seizure and he has never had a seizure. He at least ask for the supervisor of these two badge, gun carrying bullies before hand but it took him several times of asking before the harassing cop would call. I was screaming when Terry was on the ground because I knew the dangers I had been warned of by his surgeon and the nurses from the surgery center WE HAD JUST LEFT. Neither of us had eaten since 9 p.m. the night before and it was around 2-2:30p.m. I had a terrible migraine from not eating and Terry was very hungry too. The cop never would tell what had been done wrong, he didn't even look at my license! Funny thing, no customers there that we noticed, and that first cop that came up had about five other cops there by the time his supervisor got there. Who knows what his intentions were! And, this original cop, after we had gotten our food and about to eat which we didn't get to eat because of him, even made fun of Terry's arm. We had to go to the ER when we finally got home HOURS later, SO GLAD we did. We will see if Five Guys and Fries Cooperate and we will go from there on their part. I am not stating much for reasons as more happened. But, if any citizen goes into Florence, AL where there is a Florence City Cop like the one we encountered, you better call for help asap, before you stop or roll down a window.

Two law-abiding citizens trying to get a bite to eat after a painful surgery and seeing you husband who isn't even quite awake yet or at his usual self due to anesthesia, being jumped on with an ignorant cops elbow pushing in your husband neck that is injured and who has JUST HAD surgery and seeing these two ignorant cops jump on him, holding him down and your husband screaming for help, if this can happen in Florence, AL, citizens you better think about getting your gun permits because you cannot tell the cops from the criminals except the cops are wearing a gun and badge. I have photos that would shock you, they will shock some other people too. This was probably the first time we have been out in weeks, we mind our own business and we just happen to meet Mr. Stupid. I went ballistic when I saw what I saw: I will NEVER get that picture of my husband who had just been operated on being jumped on, elbow in his neck with his neck in such bad shape, with one cop saying he would hit Terry if he had too, and Terry screaming for help - I believe this would cause anyone who saw their hurt loved one who you had been told to watch for 24-48 hours, just about lose it, and we were also told by the main trouble maker cop, "I can use lethal force too." WHY? Does he like killing? That is another face I will NEVER forget for as long as I live. Be prepared citizens, especially the elderly, handicapped, innocents; who appear to be who these bully cops pick on hiding behind their big bad badge. So, if you happen to have a child, a teenager, your mother/father, your grandmother/father, yourself, a friend - any of the named who have just had surgery or just passing through, you better watch out if you stop for anything in Florence, AL. Your family member who has just had a serious surgery could be jumped on and hit, pinned down with these arrogant, bullies elbows or knees in your loved ones neck/back/head, and your loved one doesn't even realize what is going on as they are still under the influence of being put to sleep. Now, imagine this; I am still in disbelief! Five Guys and Fries in Florence, AL. - that's the place it happened. I would not want another soul to have to watch what I had to watch. What we have will take your breathe away, but saving that information; these two cops that jumped on Terry, I believe with all I have, should be arrested, put in prison, and the key thrown away. Please all citizens, be careful. If you see a cop in Florence, AL, don't automatically think you will be helped; think you might be hurt seriously for doing NOTHING WRONG and call your own backup.

At this time, we're publishing without comment; however, we're sure there will be more to follow.

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29 Aug 2018

By Staff