Remember Reginald (Pantless) Swopes?

In March 2013, Reginald Swopes Jr. was arrested in Muscle Shoals after exposing himself to a young woman he had met on Craigslist. The victim said she met Swopes to complete a sale, but found him pantless and grantifying himself. 

Before the then 18 year old Swopes faced trial on this charge, he was arrested in Florence during a similar would-be sale of a wedding dress. The Muscle Shoals man was convicted on two counts of indecent exposure.

Since that time, Swopes has been arrested several times, including one arrest at UNA on sexual harassment charges of a girlfriend who was a student at the university. He was banned from the campus after that October 2016 arrest.

On March 5th, UNA police again arrested the now 24 year old Swopes and charged him with sexual extortion and harassment. He has now posted bond, but remains banned from the campus.

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12 Mar 2019

By Staff