Pray for Aniah Blanchard's Safe Return

Aniah Haley Blanchard (Harris) is a 19 year-old college student; as of midnight this morning, she's been missing for four days. Before you read any farther, stop to say a prayer for Aniah's well being. 

Aniah's parents Elijah Blanchard and Angela Haley (Harris) met in high school. After their daughter was born, the two parted ways and Angela went on to marry a mixed martial arts fighter called Walt (Big Ticket) Harris who raised Aniah as his own. 

Aniah grew up in Homewood, Alabama, attends Trinity Methodist Church, and is a graduate of Homewood High School. After her graduation, she enrolled at Southern Union College, a small Opelika community college approximately 100 miles from her home. She was living in Auburn at the time of her disappearance Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

A friend of Aniah reported her missing on Thursday morning when she hadn't returned from meeting a man named Eric she had become friends with on a dating site. Nothing more is known about Eric, or at least being released at this time.

Even though this was totally out of character for Aniah and even though the responsible young woman had left her dog at home, police initially ruled that there was no foul play involved. As time has passed, authorities have come to believe differently.

On Friday, Aniah's newly damaged 2017 Toyota SUV was found parked at an apartment complex in Montgomery about 50 miles from Auburn. Again, police have not commented on any significance to the find. Investigators have reported that her cell phone has not pinged since around the time she left Auburn late Wednesday night. A GPS program that Aniah kept activated has been turned off.

We doubt that Aniah is in the Shoals area, but we do hope that she is reasonably safe somewhere. What can we do to help? We can pray. Please, let's all pray.

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13 Jan 2020

By Staff