Operation Omerta in Wayne County


A multi-state year-long investigation led by your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office included 1000’s of man hours with help from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, 22nd District Drug Task Force and the 22nd District Attorney’s office.

Wayne County Grand Jury returned indictments for Conspiracy to Distribute over 300 grams of Methamphetamine against Darrell Alonzo “Choppo” White, Raymond Charles Inman, Marilyn Skaggs, Michael Shane Risner, Michael Tilley, Shayna Nicole McDonald, Miranda Haggard, Lois Ritenour, Luke Freemon, Thomas Shane Seitz, Brian Keith Smith, Roy Dee Horton, April Rumbaugh and (Sandra Satterfield still at large). Those arrested were not just users, but upper level dealers suspected of bringing in over 100 lbs of methamphetamine to Wayne County.

“We will pursue any and all bringing methamphetamine into Wayne County. They will be arrested and prosecuted before a jury of Wayne County Citizens who have been tormented by the epidemic proportions of methamphetamine being brought into our county. No matter where they are from.” Said Sheriff Fisher

Removing illegal drugs from Wayne County remains a top priority for Sheriff Shane Fisher and your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. This is another step towards that goal.

If you know the whereabouts of Sandra Satterfield (pictured), please contact dispatch at 931-722-3613.

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14 Jan 2020

By Press Release