One Local Business Defying Governor Lee's Order

On Sunday, Tennessee governor Bill Lee issued an order:

banning social gatherings of 10 people or more, while also prohibiting on-site consumption of food or drinks at restaurants, bars or similar establishments.

As with most such emergency measures, the sternest penalty for failing to comply would appear to be a monetary fine. A reader has complained about a less than upscale Iron City bar openly flouting this order:


We are remaining open despite the order.

However, we are asking for assistance from our customers.

If you have ANY symptoms of the virus (fever, dry cough), please stay home for the safety of our customers as well as our employees!! If we get sick and have to close, y'all won't have anywhere to escape the cabin fever til we get well!!!


Iron City has been known for years as a wild west type town. This doesn't help its image or the image of this business, assuming it even pretends to care for the public more than profit.

We advise anyone concerned about this to report it to District Attorney Brent Cooper; however, we also suggest that not much can be done to stop this wanton behavior. Good luck!


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Chase Cummings
Oceanside. Ca
Shame on the Business not the Town.

Hello, While I must agree with you that this business is out of line for staying open during this wild and uncharted time in history, This does not and Should not reflect on the Town itself. Iron City as a whole is a sleepy little town, which at one time may have been as you called it “Wild West” but for a lot of people it is home. Articles such as this that are poorly aimed at the town as a whole and not just the Business are the kind that leave a bad taste in ones mouth. Next time let’s keep it on the subject at hand, the welfare of our people, and yes maybe some bad merit points for the institution itself, but please for the love of all things Southern, Wash the bad taste of Iron city out of your mouth! Sincerely, An Iron City Native.

March 2020

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25 Mar 2020

By Staff