Named for Gov. Bibb Graves?

A demonstrator in Florence today has now made public a move to change the name of Bibb Graves Hall on the campus of the University of North Alabama. Like the poor, for most of us, Bibb Graves has always been there. He was the George Wallace of his day, and now we're told even more like the segregationist late 20th Century governor than most knew.

It seems Gov. Graves was a card-carrying member of the KKK. Should his name be wiped from all public buildings? 

If so, that would entail a great deal of renaming. Here's a list of structures named for the now-maligned politician:

The University of Montevallo has a Bibb Graves Hall, the University of West Alabama has a Bibb Graves Hall and a Bibb Graves Auditorium, the University of North Alabama has a Bibb Graves Hall, Auburn University has both a Bibb Graves Amphitheatre and a Bibb Graves Drive, the School of Education at the University of Alabama is named for him, and the building housing the Sorrell College of Business at Troy University is named Bibb Graves Hall. The historically black Alabama A&M University has a Bibb Graves Hall that houses its School of Social Work and Department of Criminal Justice; and the historically black Alabama State University has a women's dormitory named Bibb Graves Hall. Jacksonville State University also has an administrative building named Bibb Graves Hall. Bob Jones University had a residence hall named for Graves until 2011, when it was renamed for H. A. Ironside.[7] Bibb Graves High School in Millerville, Clay County, Alabama, closed in 2003. A bridge in WetumpkaElmore County, Alabama, built in 1937, is named for Graves.[8]

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31 May 2020

By Firenze