Moon Pie Takes Dig at Mr. Peanut...and Trump?

Several companies have commented on the tragic demise of centenarian Mr. Peanut, but one iconic southern brand has gone a step farther. Moon Pie has issued a statement that it is still very much alive and kicking. 

One paragraph in the Chatanooga bakery's press release even seemed to be taking on the president when it stated the pies still have the:

vitality and mental fortitude of a brand at least half its age. This belief-defying statement is according to "real doctors" who conducted tests on the brand including: an MRI, this or that, SWOT analysis, flossing, marshmallow echocardiogram, how many fingers am I holding up?, S.P.O.R.F.S. and chocolate Rorschach.

Meanwhile in Alabama, has anyone seen the Golden Flake clown recently?

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29 Jan 2020

By Staff