Jarrod Poole's Statement on Shooting of Dixie

In the interest of balance, PNS is publishing Jarrod Poole's response to accusations against him in connection to shooting a semi-pet, nursing deer:

To this point I have not felt any need to justify or explain my actions to anyone. I know that I did the right thing with the options I had. Some of you have absolutely went to war for me. For this I can not thank you enough. I have never had my character questioned like this before. Because of the way I have been supported I will explain a little.
First of all I do not have any non-lethal options provided to me by the state. I am issued a 9mm pistol, an AR-15 and a .22 Rifle. I do not have a tranquilizer gun, darts, etc. I'm not going to pay the thousands of dollars out of my pocket to get one either. The drug is highly controlled and has to be kept refrigerated until use. Not exactly an option in a patrol truck. Also, you simply have to guess at body weight to know the dosage, unless you can talk the deer into stepping on some scales you have laying around. Too much the deer dies, too little it never falls asleep. The stress alone kills a large percentage of tranquilized deer. Also, once the deer is stuck with the dart she is going to be upset. Who does she hurt then? She had already proven that she had no fear of humans. Do I get myself or one of the other officers injured? The drug takes time to have an effect. During this time I have to deal with 150 pounds of upset muscle.
So this leaves me with two options leave the deer where it stands or euthanize it. Its a no win situation. If I left the deer and it so much as scratched another person I would be held liable for the injury/death. The very people calling for me to be drawn and quartered would have their name at the top of the law suit. They would allege dereliction of duty. "That officer knew the deer was dangerous", "she already attacked someone twice." "Why didn't he do something." And with this argument they would win........big. That settlement would be in the hundreds of thousands. Now I've just taken food, money, and resources away from my wife and sons.
Now I find myself out of options, I had to euthanize the deer. It is true that I cut a water bottle in half and put a few rocks in it to make it sound like feed in a can. I then led her away down the hill away from homes and people. (not in the road) This sounds cruel or that I did it out of meaness but I assure you it was not. I had to make a perfect shot. How do I get a full grown wild deer in a safe place and then get her to hold perfectly still so that I don't maim and injure her leaving her to die slowly by bleeding out or infection. Well I put the water bottle on the ground and the deer did get still. I then executed a perfect euthanization shot. She did not suffer! Also, I used the rifle not my pistol as most places are reporting. A rifle shot is more accurate and effective than a pistol. I promise you I took no pleasure in doing it and cursed the people who doomed her to this fate.
At this time myself and the other officers searched for the fawn(s). We did not know there were two. One of the Tuscumbia PD Officers startled one of the fawns and it ran about 100 yards through a field and into the woods. We searched for it there. It was young but it was fast. There is simply no way to catch it. Usain Bolt couldn't catch it. It would need to settle down and be approached slowly. At this, it needed time to settle and I needed to properly dispose of the carcass so I left.
The intent was to return around dusk and see if it had made its way back in to the yard. There was hope for it if I could catch it. There are rehabilitators that could get it grown without domesticating it. They have the facilities and expertise to do so.
By dusk it was evident that there was no way I could return to the area. The pitchforks and torches were out. I'm pretty sure someone had started building a guillotine. There are even post of hatred pointed at the lady who called the ambulance. Based on the post asking for me to be fired, beat up, killed, hung, etc. I'm pretty sure there would have been a serious confrontation so that is why the fawns were left. Not because I'm cruel but because the people in those posts and the people of that neighborhood are.
In my career I have had to euthanize many animals. I do not do it for fun or pleasure as some have suggested. Even stating that I am a sick man. I do it because that is what humanity would require to end unnecessary suffering or for public safety. But for every one I have put down I have released many. Some of my favorite times were when my boys were young and we released confiscated foxes, red tailed hawks, barn owls, great horned owl, deer, Canadian geese, an alligator (relax, I was stationed down south), an alligator snapping turtle, and we even released a bald eagle. If it is survivable and not dangerous it is released. Dixie the deer was dangerous to people plain and simple. She proved it by sending someone to the hospital.
So to those who have so valiantly defended me if (as quoted in the Pen and Sword article) the Sheriff of Colbert County and the other officers threw me under the bus The ones who came to my aid when even my department is silent I say thank you so much. You really can't know how much it means.
I want to do my job and to be left alone from the harassment. I want my peaceful life back.
And to the ones who want to fight; you picked the wrong man. If you're seeking and apology, a mea culpa, if you're looking for me to resign or step down or beg for forgiveness you are horribly horribly mistaken and have completely misjudged your adversary. If its a confrontation you're looking for then I welcome all challengers. I will be looking at charges for harassing communication and slander and liable in every situation I think it is prosecute-able.
Thank you again.


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Athens, AL
Doing His Job

Doing his job the way it is written. People create a danger by trying to domesticate wild animals and is actually against the law in most areas. Believe the story should have waited until more info and the Warden’s comments came out. The rush to post the first part put him and his family in danger with threats and bodily harm as well as convicted him in the court of the public. I hope he does as he says and brings charges to everyone for threats and defamation. Maybe if people would start holding accountable for their actions they wouldn’t be so quick to fly off the cuff with half a story.

August 2020

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Jessie McGee
Great followup

Thank you for covering both sides of this story. This man was doing his job and doing it correctly.

August 2020

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2 Reviews

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03 Aug 2020

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