Is a Casino in Waterloo's Future

Did you recently receive a large puce colored postcard from the Poarch Creek Indians? If you're registered to vote, you probably did. It sounded too good to be true, didn't it?

Here's an article on the whole smarmy mess:

Opening the Door to a Nightmare

Seemingly, as of now, the state could go either way on the deal. What if it says yes? Did you read Bill Britt's above referenced article? Of particular concern to us should be the part about a casino in "North Alabama."

Usually, any area north of Birmingham is referred to as North Alabama - and that's a lot of territory. Yet, humans being human, there are always rumors. One of these rumors our readers might find very interesting.

The "word on the street" is that the Poarch Creek are looking at Waterloo as a prime location. Do we believe it? Not particularly, but then we didn't believe reports of the new Florence hospital being built in East Florence when we first heard them.

Some of the rumors even mention multiple land transactions in the past year that involve a certain monied Florence family. Again, we here at PNS are skeptical; if someone were already purchasing "half of Waterloo," wouldn't the citizens of the extremely small town be up in arms over what may be coming?

If it's true that Waterloo residents don't want a Dollar General, what makes anyone think a casino would be welcomed with a warm open embrace?


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James Montgomery
Killen, Al
Waterloo hubbub

While the prospect of a gaming establishment is enticing, the bleak reality is corrupt state government will not allow even their pocket liners to gain a foothold in the state. Any attempt to prove otherwise is fantasy. Until the voters are given an unbiased option Alabama will remain a pauper state.

January 2020

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13 Jan 2020

By Staff