If You Can't Say "Wojtanowski," Just Call Him "Taylor"

In 2005, Jimmy Lee Wojtanowski was convicted of Sexual Misconduct in Franklin County. After a short prison stint, Wojtanowski returned to the area and, in 2013, was convicted of burglary and placed on probation. The now 34 year old man then moved to Panama City, Florida, and began calling himself Jimmy Lee Taylor - we can't imagine why.

However, Wojtanowski/Taylor failed to register in that state as a sex offender. When discovered, Florida placed the former Vina resident on five years supervised probation. This probation will not end until Spring 2020.

Wojtanowski returned to Vina in Franklin County, but failed to renew his offender registration, a violation of his suspended sentence for burglary. Law enforcement caught up with Wojtanowski/Taylor two days ago and charged him with both a SORNA and a probation violation. He remains in the Franklin County Detention Center as of Thursday.

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11 Oct 2018

By Staff