How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole # 8

It came out of the deep dark rainforests of Earth because of modern plane travel. Viruses with various levels of lethalness that mankind had never encountered before. 

It begins to spread epidemics of all kinds across the globe.

The human immune system, ill-equipped to recognize or deal with these strange killer germs, starts to fold up under the pressure, and all of civilization is threatened with extinction. The frightening approach of the sickle of death that swings wide and with terrifying frequency was broadcast throughout the world’s mainstream media.

The leaders of the world turned to the world’s medical experts and listened with horror as they described what was about to happen. 

What can we do asked the leaders? The doctors not having any basis for their suggestions since they did not have any knowledge at all about the unseen, faceless, unfelt attack, did what they always do when they do not know what they are dealing with. Simply guess! 

Stop! what can be said about the above assertion?

Let us see. Since planes fly back and forth, and since all sorts of Westerners travel to the rainforests, why haven’t we seen whole native tribes wiped out by viruses from the deep dark streets of Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago, deep mountains of the Rockies or the Blue Ridge Valleys of Virginia?

It would even seem that viruses, common in, say, Norway, would cause trouble in Oregon, or Alabama.

Why does it have to be “viruses from jungles?” Or other faraway places like China?

Why can’t we have the Charleston City Virus, emanating from a fish slaughterhouse on the banks of a lagoon and infecting people in let us say Nigeria?

Why can’t we have a Big Easy virus from New Orleans traveling to Beijing or even Wuhu China?

Perish the thought, but is it possible that jungles of the Amazon, Brazil, Africa and China are typically chosen for virus tales because, in the minds of many Westerners, they satisfy a requirement of “strange,” “different,” “primitive,” and so on?

After all, if you listen to the mainstream media, we’re talking theater here— and when you stage a propaganda play (fiction) that is intended to push the masses in the direction you have chosen, you want to tap into the reflex instincts of the audience.

The Hartford Virus, the Des Moines Virus, the Vancouver Virus, the Alabama, Texas, Kentucky viruses, well, they just do not fit the bill. What’s missing is the "Save Me Lord" effect that is needed.

Why? Because they cannot create or explode upward the fear that the jungles, Africa or China can.

Unless you have been living in an ice cave in the Arctic, you know selling the fear of "THE VIRUS" is big business.

It stops world economies, sells ventilators, useless cloth masks, gets governments to give away money they don't have, causes hyperinflation, click bank companies get rich, Mass Media Companies carry their cash to the bank in towboats, Ya! You got to be able to strike the right notes.

I personally would be interested in a Beverly Hills, a Portland, a Big Foot, or even a Swamp Creature virus story.

Wouldn’t that be a barn burner watching the media trying to sell that one.

Wait! Hold on! I got the perfect Virus!

What about a Bill Gates Seattle Virus? We could have some unknown Patient Zero who unknowingly gets on a plane and carries the Bill Gates Virus to Mexico City. Where, when someone gets infected, they become a clone of Bill Gates.

Now that should scare the snix out of anybody.

Come on now, stay with me here, “THINK IT THROUGH”.

We NEVER hear about killer virus stories traveling from Europe and America to Asia and Africa. Why not?

Maybe it’s because such a story will not sell. The majority of the masses won't drink that flavor of Kool-Aid.

Is this a clue that should make us put the uncontrollable fear that made you close your business, quit seeing your love ones, disinfect your dentures, and have sex with a full body suit on aside. Do you think just maybe you should put the fear on a "Wait a minute back burner."

Does this make you think or give you a hint, that virus-stories are shaped, managed, written and broadcast according to a plan that has nothing to do with an actual disease? I mean after all if you put something YouTube, Facebook or Twitter that does not agree with the Mass Media Narrative they remove it.

I mean if a monkey in Africa with no teeth and no legs can chase a man down for miles and then bite him in the only place the virus will infect him and thus transmit a virus to the West, then why can't a salesman in Duluth, Kansas with no nose, sneeze on a man at a local airport while getting a slurpy and send the virus to Ethiopia.

The only answer I can come up with is, amazingly, through secret communication of which only viruses can speak, they are told to never make it happen that way.

The Virus Germs have decided they alone know the traffic pattern to spread themselves around like a female college lounge lizard.

They aren’t telling the CDC or the World Health Organization about it either.

Oh! by the way, I have a bridge called the "Singing River" in North Alabama and I will rent it to you so you can cross the Tennessee River. 


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30 May 2020

By Trader