How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole # 7

How Chinese Government determined “Coronavirus 19” was the cause of their patients' deaths


I have taken the time to break this medical issue down as it is very possible this occurred and is occurring and has put the entire world in a tailspin toward an economic crash.


I realize this is long and detailed, but in order to get this across to you, I know of no other way to approach this. First thing I will cover is what the Chinese Government did when they were trying to determine why the antibiotics was not helping some of their patients with Pneumonia.


I list the steps below:


  1. Collected fluid from the lungs.
  2. After taking the fluid they did not separate the fluid from the virus called “purveying”.
  3. They did separate the genetic material from the lung’s fluid.
  4. This procedure identified “RNA” and also discovered what is call the “Sequence”.
  5. They rushed to develop a PCR Qualitative test.
  6. Meaning, BEFORE THEY HAD CONFIRMED ANYTHING, they had developed the test.
  7. By skipping the purification, they had no way of determining the source of the genetic material they had pulled from the lungs.




What does the initials RT-PCR mean?


  1. It stands for Reverse Transactions - Purlimorate (SP) Chain Transaction
  2. It is being used to amplify the RNA.
  3. The test is not actually testing for the Coronavirus itself.
  4. Instead it is testing for the sequence of the RNA or the genetic sequence of the virus.
  5. The RNA can be present in a virus, but it is also present in other material.
  6. If you are not looking for the virus, but only testing for material that is related to the virus, you must be able to determine what other material is carrying the same RNA sequence.
  7. If you identify the RNA Sequence is present and cannot identify the material of the disease causing the RNA Sequence, then your chances of making a mistake goes up. It is estimated this type test has an 80% false positive rate.
  8. To prevent this from happening you must compare it to the gold standard.


What is the gold standard you ask?


  1. If you take fluid from a person ill with a pandemic disease and purify out a virus particle, then purify the genetic material from the virus you know for certain, you have identified the material as coming from an infected person. You now have what is referred to as the “Gold Standard”.


You then need to test the accuracy of the COVID-19-PCR TEST:


  1. This is done by taking a group of known sick patients and a group of healthy people which is referred as the “Control Group”.
  2. The RT-PCR Test is utilized on the sick patients and results are compared to the Gold Standard sample you now have.
  3. This process is then repeated on the control group.
  4. The results of the test are compared to each group as this will identify error rate of the test, as no test is 100% accurate.
  5. This allows the doctors to know for certain if you have a specific disease and not one that carries the same genetic pattern.


As of this date, there has been no gold standard conducted for the Coronavirus, thus the doctors are presently estimating the false positive rate of the test.


  1. There is one report that has just been released indicating a false positive rate for people who have no symptoms of the coronavirus as high as 80% or 4 out of 5 are told they have coronavirus and they do not.
  2. This is a big problem as the medical profession is vastly overestimating the number of coronavirus cases.


Why and How does this occur with the PCR Test?


Here I break it down in a more simplistic way so even I can understand just what the PCR Test does.


  1. The PCR selects a genetic sequence.
  2. It then amplifies it enormously.
  3. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack but makes the needle appear larger so it can be found if there.
  4. While it amplifies the signal it also amplifies the noise in the background
  5. Because of this amplification, the smallest error from contamination or measurement will result in errors of many orders of magnitude.


Because of the extreme amplification needed this is not a reliable test to be utilized on the Coronavirus. 




The information below comes from Dr. Andrew Kaufman who says what you are being told are Coronavirus 19 antibodies are actually Exosomes which are particles produced naturally by our immune system. They are released daily to protect us from all types of bacterial attacks. Naturally, if they are being produced to fight off some infection from an underlying health condition or bacteria it would stand to reason they would be seen in a test. This is where the problem comes in, which I will explain below


I am now changing course here and talk about the above “exosomes”. I know most of you have never heard of the word until now. The above will tie in later to the Coronavirus, so stay with me for a bit.


Exosomes are small membrane vesicles that are created by most cell types. They naturally occur in the body and are distributed by the fluids of the body daily and at times more are released due to several reasons.



Comparison of Exosomes and Covid-19


Description             Exosomes                Covid-19


          Diameter Inside Cell          500nm                      500nm


          Diameter Outside Cell       100nm                      100nm


          Receptor                             ACE-2                         ACE-2


          Contains                              RNA                            RNA


          Found In                           Lung Fluid                 Lung Fluid


When you compare these them they appear to be virtually the same in every way.


Dr. James Hildreth MD


President and Chief Executive Officer


Meharry Medical College


Former HIV Researcher at John Hopkins


Dr. James Hildreth, “states what is being called the Coronavirus-19 is actually an Exosome in every way.”


I know you are wondering what are some of the things that cause us to produce Exosomes. Well! Wonder no more as here is a list that I found that gives you some but not all of the possibilites.


  1. Chemical Toxins      
  2. 2. Stress        
  3. 3. Cancer      
  4. 4. Ionizing 
  5. 5. Radiation Injury        
  6. 6.Infection     
  7. 7. Immune Response         
  8. 8. Asthma  
  9. 9. Electromagnetic Radiation (G5 Cell Signal)
  10. 10. Unspecified Diseases 11Environmental Toxins      

Is this why individuals with underlying diseases or health conditions are being told they have Coronavirus-19 ? Think about it !


What does this tell us? It shows when exosomes are released they attack the bacteria to prevent the cell from being damaged. If not produced, the cell will be damaged or die.


Now! That you have the above information what does this actually tell you regarding people dying from the so called Coronavirus-19.


  1. A respiratory illness is caused by one of the above listed reasons or more.
  2. This in turn causes the body to produce the exosomes which appear to be called Coronavirus 19.

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06 May 2020

By Trader