Has The Coronavirus Been Misidentified?

Governor Kay Ivey:

Really? A Shutdown Of Our Economy? 

Initially, the Governor's Office and the Department of Public Health gave the population limited knowledge about how the coronavirus was affecting its citizens. In their initial projection, the numbers were greatly inflated and designed to alarm. This is referred to control by limited knowledge of the unknown and season with fear.

After several weeks the citizens begin to ask "WHY"? This is when the State Public Health Department began to release more clarifying and realistic information. Here is some information just released on 4-19-20.

Statement of Scott Harris, State Health Officer:

* Alabama has about 4723 Coronavirus cases so far or 0.11% of 42,538 tested

* Population infected after several weeks 0.001%

* Total reported deaths 147 of those 113 or 77% supposedly died from the virus

* 2/3 or 66% of those were over age 65 and most had some type of other chronic health issues

* 113 deaths of out of 4.4 Million State population = .00002%

* Best estimate is 80% of the 4723 infected or 3778 had mild cases only and not hospitalized

* 945 were greater than mild cases and of those of 620 were hospitalized  

This indicates that of the state population only .00014% of state was hospitalized. 620 hospitalized and of these 113 reported to die from Coronavirus or 18%, The State says presently the % people infected that will not survive is 1-2% this means only out of a population of 4.4 million = .000016%.

I want you to put your thinking cap on as you read the below information. This information was taken from the “You Tube Site” which has the videos of Dr. Andrew Kaufman who breaks down the coronavirus issue and gives you some surprising details.

  1. The State does not give us the type of test they use to determine coronavirus nor the false positive rate of that test.
  2. Some tests such as COVID-19 RT-PCR test for the RNA sequence not the virus itself.
  3. This type of test is estimated to have 80% false positive rate meaning 4 out of 5 will be found to have coronavirus when they have some other underlying health condition.
  4. The State has never told us the required gold standard to confirm the coronavirus itself according to the established medical protocol to identify new viruses has never been utilized by anyone as of this date.
  5. The State has not informed us when the body has an illness or under stress from fear will produce naturally occurring exosomes to attack whatever is threatening the cell.
  6. The problem is the supposedly coronavirus genetic pattern mirrors the exosome which is produced by the body’s immune system naturally to fight the threat.
  7. Does this explain why most of the statistics are showing the patients found with the coronavirus have underlying health issues and the labs are identifying the naturally occurring exosome as the coronavirus?
  8. Does this explain why individuals who are found to have no symptoms but declared to have the coronavirus were misdiagnosed by the lab as having the virus instead of the naturally occurring exosome, which are released daily into the blood.
  9. The State has not told us if a person dies that had underlying health conditions, are they listing their death as the Coronavirus. 

German General Joseph Goebble’s stated if you tell the lie big enough and then repeat it often enough, people will eventually believe it. The bigger the lie the better.

Is this a repeat of history?

The Pen-N-Sword encourages you do your own research and come to your own conclusion, as the real truth is what you perceive your reality to be.

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21 Apr 2020

By Trader