Haleyville Woman Arrested for Franklin Drug Trafficking

According to her online profile, Nichole Lynn Ellenburg is a self-employed molder. According to the Franklin County sheriff's department, the 37 year old Haleyville woman is a drug trafficker. 

Ellenburg was arrested earlier tonight in Franklin County and charged with trafficking as well as resisting arrest. She has a drug record extending back several years. No bond has been set for Ellenburg who remains in the Franklin County Jail at this time. 


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Winston County
Drugs kill people

This is so sad, sad because a person that continually to get help and turn around and keep doing it because the wrong people are in your life! You have to get away from the playground you on or you will never get better! Sometimes it even takes leaning your entire family to do so!

September 2020

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Chris Lindley
Getting man made dope off the streets

I cant stand man made dope.its killing good folkes.anf the people selling or making the dope.needs to be sent to prison for life.or death penalty. But that's my opinion on dope

August 2020

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31 Jul 2020

By Staff