Foodland Grocery Store Manager Reported To Have Threatened Employees With Slitting Cats' Throats

The Pen-N-Sword received information the store manager at the Foodland Chain in Killen, Alabama had apparently made some threats to the employees about the stray cats some were feeding next to the dumpsters. 

He supposely told them, if they did not stop feeding the cats he was going to slit the cats' throats. This did not sit very well with the employees, and we received calls regarding these alledged cat threats.

Anytime we get unverified calls or emails like this, we do what we can to verify the information received is correct. In this particular case our staff called the store and asked for the store manager this morning. 

The Store Manager that was spoken to was Keith Bryant. We explained to Mr. Bryant about the information recieved and wanted to verify with him if this had truely been said. If so, we wanted to get his side of the story.

He stated, I may have said something like that out of frustration, but I would never do anything like that. I love animals. 

The conversation continued on for a few minutes and he was advised that if he had a cat issue there, he should call the Florence-Lauderdale County Animal Center and have them bring a trap out to capture the cats.

The Store Manager was professional and pleasant during the conversation and stated this was upsetting to him as he again stated, "I would never hurt an animal like that." 

He was thanked for his time and the conversation ended.


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Nazi's Suck
Florence Al

Very interesting. I would feed the cats tbh They deserve to live happy lives and if the store manager is starving kittens, he should resign.

March 2019

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Gramma Nazzii
AP Style Guide is Horrified

So much bad grammar in this slanderous “article” I’ll enjoy the look of shame when they read it aloud in court. I hope this manager files charges against you. I hope the judge tacks on a couple of million just for your poor grammar.

March 2019

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15 Mar 2019

By Carl