Florence Has an Unofficial Motto?

It was pretty shocking to read in the TimesDaily today that Florence has an unofficial motto. According to UNA's Parker Seward, it's "Keep Florence Funky." At this point, if we wanted to sound trite, we'd say "Who knew?"

So who else is familiar with this gem? A quick Google shows three references to the slogan: A Spotify screen name, a quick quote in the Facebook page "Let's Go on a Roadtrip," and advertising for the Wildwood Tavern. We strongly suspect that our unofficial motto originated with the Wildwood Tavern, but now we're left to speculate on why. Did someone there feel that the Renaissance City was losing some of its perceived funkiness? Of did the slightly alliterative line simply sound good to someone in need of a catchy slogan to promote the establishment?

Now, the major question: If "Keep Florence Funky" is the unofficial motto, what's the official one? We can find no mention of one in any literature for the city. So how about it, readers? Have any ideas? Show us your ditties!

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16 Jul 2019

By Firenze