Family of Missing Man Says Sheriff Won't Return Calls

Daniel Joe Braden (pictured left) and Janson Alex Brewer (pictured right) were first reported missing in August 2016. The two men were last seen in the Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, area driving a silver step-side pickup truck. Braden was known to have used the alias "Shawn" and was from Florida originally. Absolutely no contact has been had with either man since their reported disappearance.

Now the family of Janson Brewer, specifically his half-brother, has announced that the Lawrence County sheriff's office will not return family's calls and has not for over a year. Obviously this kind of behavior should not be acceptable in an elected official. PNS will be happy to publish any comment or rebuttal from Sheriff John Myers who took over the case from a former sheriff. 

Brewer's family has stated that a search party approximately a year ago failed to turn up any signs of the two men; another search funded entirely by the family is planned soon.

Obviously there are three possible scenarios in this case:

1. The two men chose to leave the area and build new anonymous lives elsewhere.

2. The pair was involved in a road accident and the remains have not been found.

3. A murder-suicide, or even double murder, was commited in an out of the way area and the pair has yet to be discovered.

If either number two or three is the case, the family is deserving of anwers. It is the job of the Lawrence sheriff to be finding these answers. 

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16 Dec 2019

By Staff