Don't Know a Sparrow from a Swallow? You Need Help with Your Advertising!

You may have the greatest product or service on the planet, but if your advertising is laughable, you're not making the impression you want. Sometimes, even the simplest ad can go wrong:

Visit Dr. John Doe, MD - You'll be sure that all the English majors out there remember you, but for all the wrong reasons.

The odors in our restaurant will transform you... - We're pretty sure this now defunct eatery meant to use the words "aromas" and "transport." It's best not to think about odors in an upscale restaurant.

The most recent faux pas we've seen comes from a business with the word "sparrow" in the title. Yet the logo depicts a swallow. The ad kicks professionalism right out the door.

PNS not only sells advertising, but offers editing for those who need the assistance...and that appears to be many in the northwest Alabama area. Contact us at:

(For non-twitchers out there, a swallow has a scissor-tail; it's depicted above on the right, while a house sparrow is on the left.)

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10 Dec 2019

By Staff