Does Ralton Baker Own Franklin County Road 22? - Part I

Introduction: PNS recently ran an article on a brief closure of Franklin County Road 22 to truck traffic. The ban had been unannounced and no public input had been considered before the closure ordered by a Franklin County commissioner. The closure lasted around 24 hours before the commissioner who ordered it rescinded his edict and again opened the narrow Spruce Pine road to trucks. 

The article caused a great deal of backlash from those who support both the ban and the commissioner who ordered the closure. Three Franklin County businesses were specifcially mentioned as "holding the county commission hostage," but the main culprit according to these citizens is Ralton Baker Inc., a trucking firm located in Phil Campbell. Today we're publishing part one of a series on Ralton Baker, his companies, and the dilemma of Co. Rd. 22.


If you remember your high school geometry, you'll recall that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Moving on to the discipline of economics, the less money spent on fuel, the more money in the business owner's pocket. That makes short cuts a popular method of routing traffic for most businesses.

Franklin County Road 22 runs between Alabama 13 and U.S. 43; it cuts several miles off a trip that's frequently made by at least three Phil Campbell area businesses, especially Ralton Baker Inc., a trucking company located in the southern part of the county. 

Baker was so upset by the no-truck law that he personally appeared at a county commission meeting to itemize how much money his company paid the county annually and to state that he felt as if he owned part of the roads since he's paying for them.

Is Baker's statement accurate or is he guilty of hubris, a characteristic his pentecostal flavored preacher partner might not condone? We'll look at both sides in part two of this article and welcome comments.


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Kay Needs to Site Examples

If there are any errors in this or any other article, we are always happy to correct them. Kay, could you be more specific in what you feel is in error in this story?

May 2019

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Michael mann
Spruce pine, Alabama
You have never been here apparently

The road your talking about is longer than just from 13 to 43 it cuts across 43 and the guys that drive the dump truck not just for ralton but other companies and themselves can't get to where they need to be to pick up loads without going down hwy 22 At some point the truck route was made just for mar-jac and they get mixed up and take 22 a lot why try to stop progress why not write about getting help widening the road sounds like y'all just got it out for ralton grow up people stop victimizing us I live here and I'm just fine with the trucks

July 2019

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Phil Campbell

Some of the stuff that is said in this is just wow!!!! One why would you say some of the stuff that you have said? And two you might want to make sure your stories are correct and get all of your facts and also dont bash anyone before you start writing!!!

May 2019

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