Colbert County School Superintendent Throws White Kids & Her Teachers Under the Bus

The Pen-N-Sword was sent a video of the rally for George Floyd who died at the hands of a Minnesota Police Officer and against racism.

The rally was sponsored by Radio Station WZZA which is owned by Colbert County Commissioner Tori Baily. The speeches took place on the steps of the Colbert County Court House.

During the rally there were several speakers with various issues that are usually covered during these types of events. One of speakers was Dr. Gale Satchel the present Superintendent of the Colbert County School System. The citizens of Colbert County elected Dr. Gale Satchel on March 1, 2016, and she took office on May 31, 2016.

What I have done here is transcribe her own words used in the speech. I assume this was designed to be a fiery speech against what she considers to be examples of racism in the Colbert County School System.

In the Video she is introduced and she starts:

Gale: I want to talk about hidden racism. I know many things start at home.

Gale: If you look at our school data (meaning the Colbert County School System) you will find that more black kids are being taken to the office, more black kids are sent to (garbled) more black kids are expelled from school.

Gale: When white boys and girls see this and they become police officers it becomes easy (garbled), because of what they have seen when they were in school.

Gale: I am here to tell you not only do we have to watch for overt racism, we need to watch for the hidden racism.

Gale: When someone tells you you are hiring too many black people, when someone tells you, you don’t need to be doing that, when someone tells a principal of a high school who is a black man that you looks like a gorilla, that is hidden racism, and somehow we are putting up with it.

Gale: And finally, I am talking about white voting decisions, when someone tells you do not vote for that nigger, that’s hidden racism.

Gale: We got to stop it now. It's right here at home, it's right here in church, it's right here in school, (could not understand the words), then God is holding you responsible if you are accepting it.

Writer: I understand speeches that have certain goals. But to imply that her teachers are sending black kids to the principal’s office or expelling them because they are black is a dagger throw at the credibility and character of her entire schools' teachers. She pointed a finger directly at them and told the public her teachers are actually hidden racists and that is the only reason they are sending so many blacks to the Principal’s Office or being kicked out of school. No! Sir!  

The fact that teachers send kids (black and white) to the office is because the teacher can no longer control them and they are disrupting the rest of the class. The decision to expel is based on merits of the student's conduct and not by the teacher.

Then the killer statement toward the white kids was a stunner. She actually said, because these white boys and girls, while in elementary school or high school, see black kids being sent to the Principal's office and expelled for discipline issues, that this would plant the seed of racism in their brain.

When they became a police officer years later, this seed of remembering these black kids being sent to the Principal’s office would then equate it to be okay to be abusive toward a black person.

Her speech was a deafening and underlying attitude of racism on her part toward the white boys and girls, and teachers she has in the Colbert County School System.  That alone coming out of the mouth of a School Superintendent directed toward her white students and teachers demeans her as a person and neuters her ability to hold the position of Superintendent over the Colbert County School System.

This writer was told to look at Dr. Gale Satchel’s Facebook, as she apparently received some heat regarding her courthouse speech and felt the need to explain the speech she made and why.  


I'm still Gale with 110 brothers and sisters..????
I'm still an advocate for ALL students????

The examples I shared were things that my family and I have experienced recently. Not years ago but recently. This is what I call hidden racism, slight acts or under the cover acts of racism are happening every day.

* When a four- year old called our son the n….word
* When I go into a staff meeting and my colleagues tell me I am hiring too many blacks (this was never a conversation with previous superintendents☹️)
* When a colleague tells me I am hiring too many black administrators (My first one was last week)
* Walk into a room waiting for the sales pitch but the salesman will not give me eye contact until he figures out I am the superintendent
* When people walk past the black principal to talk to someone
* When a black congregation is having worship service outside but the white neighbors call the police
*Your colleagues/friends are mad at you via text group and they are calling you (me) the n....... But they forgot you're in the group.
*when a parent requests their child not be placed in the black teacher’s class.

These examples of racism will not make the 5:00 news, nor the 6:00 news nor the 10:00 news. But they are happening every day

I have several links you can go to follow up. Or you can simply google “black students and disparity in discipline.”

As an educator, I am required to recognize and act upon any injustices in my district. I want to be an advocate for my students. I don’t think I have to prove that to anyone. I have been on the forefront for the Colbert County students since 2004. I will not change that. If I am going to be honest, I have to tell you that racism is in Alabama, racism is in Colbert County.

I have worked in three different school systems and two post-secondary institutions. During my speech, I never mentioned Colbert County School District. Colbert County is my home and where I have raised my child. But I would be lying to you if I said we have never experienced racism.

I want my words to open doors for a positive conversation to address racism/inequality in a positive matter.

I want people to remove their blinders, racism exists. Several people spoke on Monday and we were all saying the same thing; however, my words became the enemy.

I heard a pastor share my same message from his pulpit and nothing was said. We have different standards.

I have been called everything in the book but a child of God……..harsh words, mean, nasty, etc. because of the truth.

I want all of us to come together and have a real conversation. Let our guard down, bring the bible with you and let’s talk. By nature, I am a peacemaker. I want peace that is why I am passionate about racism/inequality. Because this does not have to be.

There are many things that could and should separate us but our race should not. It is the 21st century let us talk about this issue.

To the staff of the Colbert County School District, if you gathered anything from my words outside of I want things to change positively…. Then I apologize!!!

I respect each of you individually and as a team. I would never, never, never, purposefully divide us for any reason. I would gladly give any of you a lung or blood if you needed it. There is nothing I would not do for you or the kids of my district.

Please allow my actions to speak for me. If you cannot forgive me, then I ask that you charge it to my head and not my heart.

I cannot turn a blind eye to racism and injustice, anywhere.

Racism will always be a part of our daily lives if we continue to ignore it.

Let’s talk….. let’s take action!!!! It’s up to you and me!!

Readers, you now have seen the words of the speech and you now have her explanation as to why she said the things she did on the porch of the Courthouse.

As they say, words are the visible true feelings of how a person thinks and feels toward certain subjects. These are the facts as we know them, I leave it up to you to decide how you feel about her continuing to be the Leader of the Colbert County School System. I am giving you this information so any rumors about what she did or did not say are put to rest. 


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Using position for pushing personal merit less ideologies

Reading the actual words she spoke when stranding upon such a pedestal is all you have to do. She spoke very plain and used plain terminology. Therefore, there is no twisting or misinterpreting needed. No matter how you spin it the woman’s own message was and is clear. Her words to the public speak to her own personal philosophies and damaging ideologies. This is unacceptable from anybody involved in the education and leadership of a community’s children.

June 2020

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Concerned citizen
Sheffield, al
Concerned citizens of colbert county

First of all when you are in a position like Gale is in you should try and speak in order to bring about peace and try to bring everyone together. This speech just divided everyone right down the middle. It will definitely probably be a vote determined by race now because of the things she stated. Also, when speaking like this she should have considered her teachers and administrators. Not only does it sound like she is calling them racists, how in the world are they supposed to discipline black children now?? Everyone will just be screaming that it's just because their child is black that they are in trouble. It's hard enough nowadays to discipline and control the classroom because noone thinks their babies do anything wrong. Colbert County Schools needs a change in leadership. Someone who will bring everyone together not further divide.

June 2020

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School sup

What Gale doesn’t seem to understand is structure in the home life compliments success at school. Kids with a disruptive home life are less likely to be attentive in the class room. This is true for all kids, not just one ethnicity. Kids with one parent or no parent at home are more likely to end up in the principles office. Everyone needs to take ownership of their personal situation and quit blaming the police, teachers, administrators, The democrats or republicans, God or whoever. Teachers aren’t there to raise your kid and neither is the government, that’s done at home. If your kid is continually in the office or in school suspension It’s so the rest of the class your kid is supposed to be in can have an environment to learn in. It’s time for Gale and the rest of us to address the real problem, the breakdown of the family and the lack of personable responsibility in our lives.

June 2020

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05 Jun 2020

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