Chip Dillard Trial - Day One

On Sunday, authorities quietly moved indicted Florence attorney Edward Ray Dillard from custody in Lawrence County to the Lauderdale County Detention Center. Dillard (shown above in a previous Georgia arrest), known as "Chip," had been held outside the county due to his familarity with many Lauderdale County defendants in custody at the LCDC.

Dillard's co-defendant, 86 year old Timothy Wylie Staggs, has been held in the county facility for several months. This week's trial offers both men a chance at freedom.

Of the pair, Dillard faces more numerous and serious charges. Specifically, the 54 year old Coffee High/University of Alabama grad has been indicted as follows:

May 26, 2016 -

Second Degree Human Trafficking - Seven counts

Second Degree Attempted Human Trafficking - Four Counts

Second Degree Sexual Abuse - One Count

Making Terrorist Threats - Two Counts

Witness Intimidation - One Count

July 14, 2016 - 

First Degree Human Trafficking of an Adult - One Count

First Degree Human Trafficking of a Minor - One Count

Second Degree Human Trafficking - One Count

Attempting to Bribe a Witness - Two Counts

Destruction of Evidence - Two Counts

Evidence Tampering - Two Counts

Jury Selection is expected to be completed today with testimony beginning tomorrow at the Lauderdale County Court House. All Lauderdale judges have recused themselves from the case.

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11 Feb 2019

By Staff