Chill & Have a Root Beer Oreo?

A neighbor recently asked me to pick her up some Oreo cookies at the Walmart Market. That sounded pretty simple, but I did have the foresight to ask either small or large package. She then mentioned to be sure to avoid the double filled - she doesn't like them.

As I approached the Oreo section of the cookie aisle, my eyes began to glaze. Not only did they have double filling, there were triple filling and extra thins. There were golden Oreos and fruit punch Oreos. In short it took several minutes to find the product I hoped my neighbor wanted.

If you shop the Walmart Market you know that as wonderful as it is, it still doesn't carry as many products as some super super markets. So just how many different kinds of Oreos, including flavors and packages, are out there?

We won't fault you if you didn't come close to the actual number of 184. That's right, and here they are:

All 184 Oreo Products


Next week, I'll play it safe and stick to the Tide aisle.

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23 Aug 2019

By Firenze