Beware of giving away animals on Craigslist, for you may be sending them to an experience that is beyond horrible.

This White Male POS from St. Charles County, Missouri, adopted at least a dozen cats from Craigslist for the specific purpose of torturing, beating, mutilating and murdering them.

Mother cats with newborn babies, small kittens, adult cats — none was exempt from this man’s horrific abuse.

Twenty-year-old Kaine Louzader admitted to police that he enjoyed strangling the cats and stomping on their heads. After slaughtering them, he would cut them up, removing heads or limbs.

Louzader was arrested after a witness saw him disposing of animal remains.

When the police stopped him they noticed several scratch marks on his arms, and he later admitted they were from a cat he had recently tortured.

While we can’t be sure exactly how many animals Louzader killed, police estimate that 12 cats suffered at this POS hands. 

Police charged Louzader with two counts of felony animal abuse and shockingly, released him into HOUSE ARREST to await trial.

These acts were premeditated and frequent; clearly, Louzader is a critter passing himself off as human — not only is he an extreme danger to animals but potentially to humans too.

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13 Jun 2019

By Trader