Annual Dog Ear Ice Cream Social

It's been quite a piece since I visited the good folks here, but since I seen PNS is listin' events, I just had to tell y'all about our ice cream supper. Yessir, it's almost time for the annual Tusbatauga Baptist Church Ice Cream Social and Sack Crawl. They used to call it a sack race, but Bro. Jimbo Threet said that warn't truthful, that we should call it fer what it was.


Of course, the ice cream is the big draw. We get Methodists and even a few Presbyterians. Sis. Thomas says to remember to bring your own spoons. And napkins if you have them. They're just supplyin' the ice cream. You have your choice of French Vanilla or Homemade Vanilla. I never can tell the difference, but as lil Rebbie Sue always told me, I'm no gourmet.


So see you there Friday night. Be sure to visit our septic tank business before the supper. I'm puttin' out new air freshener special.


Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II

Dog Ear, Alabama

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24 Apr 2018

By Bubba Smuckpucker