It's nice for a change to see the Democrats starting to think there may be even greater threats to our world other than "Climate" change.

Presently, the anger of the moment for the Democratic Party and its leaders is President Trump's failure to chew out Russa's Putin in front of the cameras.

They want you, the American people to believe that since he did not do that, he failed as a President to defend our dignity and honesty. Agendas are spread by and with the support of News Agencies both in Print and Broadcast Media. Be aware and you start to recognize what you are seeing presently play out on your TV, Social Media and Radio. It's simply agendas being promoted by one person, company, corporation, group or government. 

Question: How did they know that President Trump did not do that behind close doors? The real answer is they don't. But they want you to believe it, as it causes discord within the nation. The Media, Democratic Party, Socialists of America and so forth are doing everything they can to get you to turn against President Trump and vote for their selected presidential candidate in 2018

They wanted drama to get more viewers; more viewers mean the advertisers have to pay more. News Agencies are about promoting the agenda they have chosen for the moment. Tomorrow the agenda has changed, it's about emotion, creating fear, anger, uncertainity, drama, that will cause you to watch their broadcasts. It's about telling you what they want you to believe. It's their attempt to create a reality they want you to believe in. 

Our history is repetitive of this technique. This is done all the time by our Government, News Organizations and others throughout the world. This is not an illusion but playing out in front of your face every day. One of our most active illusionists are our News Agencies, which are sometimes controlled by our intellengence agencies.  


In 1861, the papers all stated, Johnny would come marching home again in 90 days, with no or very little loss of life.

The papers and telegraphed news of the day created a belief this was all bravado on both sides. This belief was so prevalent and carried so much strength that during the first battle of Bull Run, the citizens dressed up, collected food and off they went with drink and picnic baskets to watch the show. (Good example of emotions overruling common sense, that many, including their own sons, father, grandfather, brothers on both sides are about to be blown to bits and scatter the battlefield before them with crying and dying men. )

When the battle spread into the very grounds where they sat to watch the blood bath, panic took over. Over 4,000 died that day including some of the spectators who came to watch the theatre. They just did not know, they would become part of the act. Was it 90 days of War? No! It was 4 terrible years of death, destruction in the North and South, that our nation suffered through.

1898 - Remember the Maine. Our Papers told the American people that over 200 of our Navy Boys were blown up by the gutless Spanish in Havana Harbor. The News Agencies fanned the flames of revenge to the point where President McKinley gave in and created the Spanish -American War. Hundreds of thousands died because the Newspapers of the day, needed to sell papers.

There is nothing like a good emotion and drama hyped up to create a rush to judgment and put money in the pockets of the very ones who promoted the hype.

The Truth Was: It was found out later, the actual cause of the explosion was a build up of coal dust in the ship's engine room.

1957 - John F Kennedy's so call "Missle Gap".  Kennedy was running for President during this time a committee run by the Pentagon stated, our intellgence agencies had discovered Russia had at least 10 Intercontinental Missles aimed at the United States. The Military had no way to strike back, and needed the backing of Congress's financial support to equal the playing field. As the banter continued the missile gap grew from 10 in the News Agencies to over 500 and Congress felt the pressure to do something to protect our nation. Thus the Nuclear Armament begin.

The Turth was : It was found out later Russia had only 4 and their effectiveness was greatly in doubt, but the Military got what they wanted. 

I could continue this on into the Hillary, both President Bush's eras and Obama's time, but what would be the point.

I believe you have by now gotten the idea, that every government has an agenda, and they have to use the News Agencies and other organizations to persaude the population to support that agenda. 

So! next time you are watching the News Channels or reading your favorite social agenda...keep asking yourself as you listen or read...What are they attempting to persaude me to believe? 


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The Shoals, AL
This Again?

This again? Loads of independents preach the statement that we live in a paradox. You can't believe anything you are told by the news. This is should be common knowledge but apparently we are still here having to explain to people that you're never told the truth. At what point do we just stop trying to form opinions? I've had many people tell me I can't trust Big Media because they are controlled by special interest groups, I can't trust fact checkers because they are controlled by one side of the political spectrum, my question is, if I can't trust any sort of news, why should I trust your opinions? Or anyone's?! Your article basically states we are not entitled to the truth but then semi defends the presidents actions.... Sounds to me like you had a simple goal from this article; To call out the media as fake news and MAGA. *Another conundrum

August 2018

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19 Jul 2018

By Carl