ALFA Supporter Will Dismukes Refuses to Step Down

Former ALFA worker and current supporter of the anti-animal behemoth has been asked to step down as both Baptist minister and state representative. While the embattled ALFA supporter did resign as the pulpit minister at his small Prattville church, he has so far refused to answer to Republican state Senator Clyde Chambliss' request to leave public office immediately.

Dismukes, whose wife continues to work for ALFA, is not up for re-election until 2022. The representative's conduct has been called to the public's attention several times over the years, but never to the extent it was this past weekend when he participated in what many are calling dubious activities honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Political pundits in the state don't think this is the end of Dismukes' problems. We at PNS make no secret of our anti-ALFA stance and are hoping for passage of several anti-cruelty bills in the next legislative session.

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30 Jul 2020

By Staff