Alabama to Pay Scott Gaylord 75K to Assist in Abortion Ban Lawsuit

Now that the ACLU has initiated suit against the State of Alabama, taxpayers are looking at coughing up extra money to reply in court. Today Attorney Steve Marshall announced he had hired attorney Scott Gaylord to assist in defending the state's current position. Gaylord charges $200.00 per hour; his contract is capped at 75K, but could be extended. 

It's the state's hope to take the controversial law all the way to the Supreme Court, but the highest judicial body in the land has refused to hear the last two such challenges from the state concerning current abortion law. Legal eagles are predicting the lastest fight will cost the taxpayers in the millions of dollars. Here at home, Medicaid was not expanded this year to help more children in the state. 

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11 Jul 2019

By Staff