In an 11-0 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the legislation, which will now head to a full Senate vote. 

The legislation would revise penalties for possession of varying amounts of cannabis.

People caught with one ounce or less would be punished by a $250 fine for the first two offenses and a $500 fine for subsequent offenses.

Possession of more than an ounce but less than two ounces would be considered a class A misdemeanor. A Possession of more than two ounces would be a class C felony, punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Even in some of the most conservative states lawmakers are recognizing jailing marijuana consumers doesn’t make sense.

Even a brief jail stay can be traumatic and cause someonte to lose  housing and even their employment.”

Sen. Bobby Singleton (D) introduced the bill last month, arguing that the existing system of charging residents for marijuana possession is arbitrary. The severity of a possession charge currently isn’t based on the amount of cannabis, but instead whether law enforcement determines that the marijuana was for personal or non-personal use.

“We can’t continue to send people to prison for petty crimes that are definitely nonviolent,” he said. 

This a period of time where a lot of states are now making marijuana legal and taxing it. That makes more sense than the above step, but at least it is the first step. 

Alabama is not known for its state leadership in much of anything when it comes to taxes for Casinos, Lottery, Progressive Liquor laws that encourage tourist trade or Marijuana. We even had a Lauderdale District Attorney Office not to long ago threaten people for selling CBD Oil that helps people medically. How smart is that ?














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18 Apr 2019

By Trader