Pen-N-Sword is looking into an incident that occurred yesterday in Cedar Hills Community, Tuscumbia, Alabama. According to the preliminary information received from some who live in the community the following occurred.

The Community has been feeding a wild deer for the past several years and had given her the name Dixie. She would come to anyone. Recently, she had two fawns and was protective of them.

Apparently, the two fawns were lying in some brush near the end of a resident's driveway. When the lady went to the mailbox, Dixie thought she was too close and charged her. Apparently, the lady told someone in general conversation but did not call any agency in regards to the incident. Apparently, that person took it upon themselves, who didn't live in the neighborhood, and called the State of Alabama Game Warden.

Supposely, a Tuscumbia Officer and Colbert County Deputy took pictures with her before the Game Warden arrived. Game Warden Poole who came to the call, was told about Dixie and the two fawns she was trying to protect.

The Game Warden whom we have identified as assigned to Lauderdale county, Officer Jarrod Poole was told that she was a neighborhood pet.

A Facebook post by Glen Foster stated, Over 3 years ago, a couple rescued a baby deer who’s mother was killed. This couple bottle fed this deer until it was old enough to survive in the wild. I know this because we took part in bottle feeding it- it was so small that it’s bowels had to be stimulated. As the deer grew- it had natural instincts and would get out if the enclosed fence.They did not abandon it- they turned her loose as this is what happens to most wild animals. The people who rescued her named her Dixie. Dixie has managed to survive over the years. People in the neighborhood continued to feed, pet and generally look out for Dixie. These fawns are her 2nd set. As much knowledge of how Dixie came to be in Cedar Hills, I must say if she attacked someone to protect her fawns it was natural instinct.

According to the information received instead of looking into moving her to a safe location with her two fawns so she would not feel threatened, he took out a bottle of filled with rocks and shook it to sound like food.

Dixie came running to him. When she got close, he pulled his pistol and shot her in the back of the head. Killing her instantly. He then loaded her into his truck and drove off, leaving the two fawns to starve to death.

What other options did he have?  In the State of Alabama the Dept of Consevation gives permits to individuals who are rehabilitators for certain animals. Here are some he could have taken the deer to as they would have taken Dixie and her fawns.  Dixie and her fawns once ready would have been released back into the wild or returned to the Community. 

State of Alabama Rehabilitators

Keli Cook  Cottondale Tuscaloosa County  Deer 205-393-9007

Robin Hope Smith  Clanton Chilton County  Deer  205-789-8199

Shamballa Wildlife Rescue  Woodville Jackson County 256-698-1157


All he had to do was pickup the phone and make arrangements to get Dixie and the two fawns to them. 

If Jarrod Poole did not know of any rehabilitators of deer in Alabama then he is a ill informed officer on who he can turn to for situations such as this.

It appears with the information above, he had help for the community just a cell phone call away. If this is true, here you have a Game Warden whom people thought was to protect wildlife, pull his pistol and shoot at point blank range a deer that trusted him, just like she did others in the community. 

The Community members are highly upset this Game Warden violated their trust and made no effort at all to get her moved to an area where she and the fawns would be safe. Little did they know that apparently he was not there to help but to kill Dixie.

Since the Game Warden drove off with her body, the community has been searching for the fawns who ran off. If they do not find them and take to safe sanctuary they will more than likely starve to death or be killed by coyotes.

It appears Jarrod Poole not only killed their mother, but also assigned the fawns' fate to a death that will be slow and painful or a death viciously ripped apart by coyotes. 

Some stated they wanted the Game Warden arrested and charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty, which is a felony.

This writer, spoke with Colbert County Sheriff Williamson. He stated, when it comes to wild animals, it is their policy to allow the Game Warden to handle the situation. When asked why his deputy did not stop the Game Warden from shooting the deer, he stated, his deputy did not have the authority to interfere with the Game Warden. He said one of his deputies once he realized what the game warden was about to do, told him again, "you realize she is this community's pet deer? " Poole responded, "this is on me" !  Sheriff Williamson went on to state,his deputies were not pleased with game warden Jarrod Poole's actions. 

This event should give anyone pause and to think again if you need help from the State of Alabama Game and Fish Agency. You just might find yourself in the same situation with officer Jarrod Poole and get to experience the same this community just experienced.

It appears the bottom line is Dixie did not have to die. She did what any loving mother does for their child and died only because of this officer's negligence in attempting to find another solution other than shooting her. 

Again, this is preliminary information and addition detail information will follow.

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Muscle Shoals, AL
Total Human Error

This was 100% human error. This poor animal suffered because of what humans did to her. And officer Poole either needs to get another job that he is qualified for, or get some much needed training or counseling, sounds like he's got anger issues. He did not know how to deal with this. He has sowed distrust, anger, and discontent in this community. Call PETA for assistance, not the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, he has no community and wildlife training; he certainly took the "conservation" word out of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. I have reported him to the agency, nothing will happen, just be wary of this incompetent officer. But the agencies do not like bad publicity.

August 2020

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Pamela T Wallace

This warden needs retraining because he has no compassion on KILL in his heart. This is so heartbreaking. I hope the fawns were found!

August 2020

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For names sale

It’s quite obvious to me that Mr. Poole corrected a wrong and took the deer out. With a name like “Dixie” it is obvious that this deer and the community that named her is racist. We as citizens of this area can’t live in peace and harmony with such a racist deer running around. Hopefully the people of this community will recognize there wrongdoing in naming the deer and thank officer Poole for his help in this matter. Great job officer Poole! PS. Anybody know what he did with the tenderloin?

August 2020

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02 Aug 2020

By Trader