About Those "Good News" Stories...

PNS is sometimes asked why it doesn't run more "good news" articles. Here are a few of the reasons:

1. A few years ago we asked for readers to send us stories of people making a difference in the Shoals. We were forwarded one, we say one, story, but could not contact the author for verification. Thus, what we had hoped to make a regular segment fizzled out before it began.

2. We sometimes publish fluff pieces, especially on seasonal events. Since April 1st is New Year's Day on the old style calendar, we did a short piece on the five new year holidays that could be celebrated. Our software showed that it received two hits, and one of those was ours. At around the same time, we did a story on an unidentified body found in Florence. After two days, the article had racked up 17,000 hits. 

3. Most recently, we ran a New Year's article asking readers to state what they were most thankful for in 2019. It received three replies and one of them belonged to the writer. 

This lack of response isn't due to lack of readership. In August, we had over 150,000 page hits. We regularly have over 100,000 hits each month. Sadly, very few are for the feel good stories.

Nevertheless, if you have a good news story, please send it to us. We would love to publish it!

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15 Jan 2020

By Staff