53% U.S. Restaurants Closing for Good?

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It's impossible to know exactly how many restaurants, be they huge chains or local single locations, have closed since the beginning of March; however, Yelp has provided some insight. According to the 21st Century incarnation of the Yellow Pages, almost 24K eateries have changed their status to closed in their Yelp adverts.

The number one reviewer in the U.S. then decided to take a poll: Just how many were closed for good? According to the responses of 23,981 businesses, 53% had absolutely no plans to reopen. In case any have to ask why, the finances of these usually small, local establishments were shot. These business owners saw the hand writing on the wall and decided to close before they found themselves in even more serious money woes.

Is 53% the end? Other restaurant pundits say it's only the beginning. Here in the Shoals, we've been fairly lucky up until now, but if our area is similar to others around the country, we can expect 70% to 80% closures in the next few months.

Does Yelp have any positive words? Yes; fondue restaurants are booming.

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01 Jul 2020

By Staff